1978 Cultural Creative Park

1978 Cultural Town is located on the east bank of The Zengjiang River in Guangzhou, through the transformation of the Zengcheng’s original sugar wrap factory and the surrounding old factories, old warehouses, scattered homes and old villages, forming a new cultural and creative area with memories.  The project aims to attract film, music, advertising, design and other creative industries to create a special town with the film industry as its core.  It was the first tourism and cultural creative industrial park in Guangdong Province.  In recent years, China’s film industry has developed rapidly.  The newly released Global Film Industry Development Report (2019) shows that China has risen from the third world’s film industry to be the first, with the comprehensive index of the film industry leaping to be first runner up.  Guangdong, with the highest box office for Chinese films, continues to put efforts in the film & television industry, and supports vigorously with policies.  The Zengcheng 1978 Cultural Town positions itself to be the “film & television industry incubation center”, strives to open up the entire industrial chain, and vigorously promotes the development of the film & television culture.

The construction of the 1978 Cultural Town was completed in stages.  The first phase had completed buildings renovation and was opened in October 2015.  At present, there are 90 premium enterprises and businesses there.  The second phase covers an area of about 60,000 square meters, it changes and upgrades based on experience from the first phase.  Planning and design have been completed, and is now opened for lease.

To further enhance the cultural diversity and industrial cluster of the 1978 Cultural Town, the town actively encourages cultural and creative industries such as film, music, advertising and design, and plans to build creative office areas, creative industry incubation centers, cultural and creative industrial trading centers, dazed tribes, yacht marinas, commercial support and other functional areas, to expand town space, and inject a steady stream of industrial economic momentum.  At same time, there are strong support in the rent, policy, promotion and other aspects, trying to allow small and medium-sized micro-creative enterprises to hatch in the park, promoting growth, and eventually forming a film industry cluster area, and allowing the 1978  Cultural Town to become the country’s well-known film features town and cultural entrepreneurship industry leading benchmark.

The 1978 Cultural Town offers food & beverages, fun, lodging, a variety of cultural, entertainment, leisure experiences, which is very much in line with the needs of the current consumers, and also the development direction of the cultural service industry as the leading industry.  With the completion and operation of the first and second phases, the Town’s influence escalated.  Its influence radius will exceed the Pearl River Delta region to the whole country, becoming a model of cultural creative projects, leading the creative industry into a new stage of development.



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