Bumblebee: a Sequel to Transformers Publishing a New Shape of the Bumblebee

Bumblebee: a Sequel to Transformers is the most anticipated work of Transformers fans this year, which will initiate a new series of Transformers. With the exposure of AnimePeripheral Models and stage photos, we know more and more of the characters in the film. Also, by watching the first trailer, we know the Bumblebee in the film appears on the vehicle of a beetle. In addition to the shape of a robot transformed from a Beetle, the Bumblebee also has a robot shape that is more similar to G1.

The Two Forms of the Bumblebee Robots in the Trailer:

The second shape of the Bumblebee in the film has been officially announced. This time, the Bumblebee has turned into a jeep:

This car is a yellow Willys Jeep, a multi-purpose offroad vehicle that was widely used by the US Army during World War II. As is learned, the Bumblebee appears in this kind of shape to cooperate with the forces in fighting against the Deceptions. However, they lost the war and the Bumblebee was injured, scanning the Beetle as his new form of disguising, which means the Bumblebee transforms into a jeep at the beginning of the film. From the preview comics formerly published, we learn that Transformers’ connection with humans has a long history and that the Bumblebee has been on Earth for a long time, during which he has cooperated with all kinds of governmental powers, such as cooperating with the British government and fighting in alliance with Agents against the Deceptions.

Actually, this is not the first time that the Bumblebee has transformed into the shape of a car. In the reflecting segments of Transformers: The Last Knight, the Bumblebee and Hot Rod have fought in World War II, when the modelling of the Bumblebee’s vehicle is also for military use and the image of the robot is also different correspondingly:

The Modelling of the Bumblebee during World War II in Transformers: The Last Knight:

The connection between the lately-published Bumblebee and the five live-action Transformers directed by Michael Bay is still unclear, yet it has been officially announced that the Michael Bay has abandoned his plan of the Bumblebee Universe. Fans speculate that Bumblebee will continue the story of the first Transformers, yet the plots in the later Transformers will be removed, so that the new story of Transformers could be formed.

The characters confirmed now include the Bumblebee and three Deceptions, the classical character of Lightning as well as the new roles – Broken and Rebound. The brand new Optimus Prime will be guest-played. There are also words that the characters of Egatron, Soundwave, Shockwave, Barricade, Hot Rod and Cliffjumper will also be guest-played.

Bumblebee will be published this year on Dec. 21st. Looking forward to more related news coming out.

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