10 Things To Look Forward In Modern Warfare

Call Of Duty has once again become the talk of the town thanks to Infinity Ward’s up and coming entry Modern Warfare which is a soft reboot to the original Modern Warfare trilogy. With a lot revealed and the release date not too far from now so here are some of the most important things you should look out for in this year’s game.

Return Of the Campaign Mode:

The lack of a campaign mode was a bummer for many veteran COD fans, especially those that cared about the campaign and the story of the game. This year’s COD campaign is a return to the classic formula with a gritty storyline and a mission that is said to make “No Russian look like a Pixar movie” according to one insider.

No Season Pass:

You heard it! There is no season pass in this year’s COD, all the maps and guns will be free updates. However, surprise mechanics like loot boxes will continue to remain an issue. Not much is clear at this point how the game will handle this, but it seems like we are off to a great start.

Real Guns And Equipment:

Those with at least a basic general knowledge of guns were disappointed by the lack of real-life guns due to licensing issues or probably the shameless laziness of Activision. This year’s Call of Duty will feature the real-life versions of guns and equipment.

Character Customization:

Every character is unique to each faction in the game and will be customizable, they will have different skins that will alter their entire appearance similar to what we saw in Overwatch. To make things better, there will hopefully be no gingerbread men or clowns running around since Activision has stated that the character skins will be period correct.


The create-a-class system in Modern Warfare is back and better than ever. As you customize your class, your kit is displayed in the background to make you feel like you are suiting up for the job. Every single part of the gun is customizable.


The HUD is minimalistic. What could be the reason behind this, immersion? The lack of a minimal has angered lots of fans, but Activision is open to change after they receive feedback.

Spec Ops:

In the absence of zombies, the co-op spec ops mode will return and it will be supported through updates. It will continue from where the campaign left off to bring it into the multiplayer territory. Nothing better than tagging along with a friend and shooting bad guys together, eh?

Ground War:

Ground War is back and this time, it is a proper war mode complete with 50 v. 50 player lobbies on a huge map with vehicles and other dangerous tools to help your side win the war. Those who were hoping for a modern Battlefield game will feel right at home and can rejoice!


This time around, the maps will be different that will force players to take a tactical approach since some of the killstreaks can be piloted like the tank in the game, the map design might accommodate vehicles and different playstyles.

Collector’s Edition:

ot only does the Modern Warfare Collector’s edition ship with the full game itself, but it comes with a proper set of night vision goggles.

We also know a little something about a battle royale mode coming to Modern Warfare.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is set to release on the 25th of October and we can not wait to play it.

By: Buntoo Cage

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