The Mobile Game “Full-Time Wizard:Awakening” Will Soon be Launched

The third season of the same name animation, which was adapted from the reading group Super IP “Full-time Master”, was broadcast on time on Saturday. The first episode of Tencent video rose sharply in just a few days. Fans shouted “I am finally waiting for you. Fortunately, I didn’t give up.” While watching the animated drama, Wanda Cinema Games also brought the latest heavy news: “Full-time Master” authorized the next generation 3DMMORPG mobile game “Full-time Master: Awakening” is about to open the test!

Magic City Shanghai New Trial University Life is about to open

“Full-time Master” The first episode of the first episode of the third season begins with Mofan’s father’s voice-over “Mo Fan, Dad listens to you, where do you decide to go”, our great devil – Mofan’s Shanghai Modu The brigade opens here. The Mofan family came to the Magic House to live in the house. Ye Xinxia was preparing to practice at home. Mofan’s father found a stable job and worked hard for the family as usual. Since the Bocheng crisis, a new animation chapter has set off the fans’ unanimous expectations, and university life will soon be revealed with the animation story.

Dynamic lighting, experience the immersive world of magic

After the animation, the test time of the mobile game has also received much attention from fans. A few days ago, Wanda Cinema Games announced several features of the “Full-time Master: Awakening” mobile game, in which the introduction of the dynamic world created a wonderful mystery for the game! Whether it is the snowy mountain of the cold winter, or the desert fan of the demon land, the next generation 3D rendering technology carefully depicts every scene in the novel!

Million square meters seamless world

In order to bring the ultimate gaming experience to the original fans, “Full-time Master: Awakening” has built a tens of square meters of game scenes, and every place has been restored to the “Full-time Master” scene setting, whether it is Tianzhu Magic School or Xuefeng Mountain Station Fans can explore everywhere. Even if the city falls and the undercurrent flows, it will not stop your determination to defend the magical world, and quickly form your own hunter squad, and compete here!

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