Special effects :Warriors of Future

“Warriors of Future” is the only hard sci-fi action blockbuster this summer.With a total investment of HK $450 million, the special effects team from Wanda, took three years of preliminary preparation and was completed in 2017. It followed four years in post-production.The boxoffice of “The Wandering Earth” reached 4.6 billion yuan , which brought great confidence to domestic science fiction films and made the producers see the potential of the market. “Warriors of Future” undoubtedly will become another anticipated domestic science fiction blockbuster after “The Wandering Earth”with the high quality closer to the international level,

“Warriors of Future” tells the story that the earth environment is deteriorating in future. A meteorite falls to the earth, and bring extremely lethal alien creatures. It invades cities, and human life is at danger. To save the 5.6 million people in Area B16, the mecha team was assembled.

We see exciting battle scenes in the movie, full of special effects details.

The first is the clothes. The story is set in the future world, the rapid development of scientific and technological civilization, a meteorite fell and brings extremely lethal alien creature Pandora, it is raging in the city, threatening human life.

The second detail is the mecha, includingmecha team against the giant mecha Xingtian, Qiongqi and robot. The movie is full of shock visual effect and super burning action. Each parts of Mecha is clearly displaced as well as, the robot struggle for life and death, the explosion on the ear, city collapse falling dust, fighter in the sky, seven years of grinding effects of top visual effects bring extreme sensory experience, the adrenaline.These mecha also have a very strong attack, defense, agility and accuracy, which shows that the apocalyptic battle is in great crisis.

The third detail is Chinese romance, hidden in the posters, Xingtian, Qiongqi, robot, giant-whales, flying fish, heavy armor in the future of several big mace appeared one by one. At the same time Xingtian and Qiongqi, the names of two top lethal machine are from the myth, the poster text also extremely China-fashion wind, “punishment wu, shaking”, “poor, winning” will combine traditional culture and future science and technology, the Chinese hardcore romantic show incisively and vividly. It can be seen that “Warriors of Future” does not abandon the Oriental elements though it contains a lot of the future sense and it represents the Chinese people’s feeling.

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