Masters Gathered in 2018 China·Jilin International Animation & Game Forum

Hosted by the Organizing Committee of the 14th session of Changchun Film Festival·China and organized by JILIN ANIMATION INSTITUTE (JAI), “2018 China·Jilin International Animation & Game Forum” inaugurated in JAI on September 5th. The forum lasts two days. With the theme of “Exploring Internationalization of China’s Comics & Animation in a New Era”, many domestic and foreign experts, scholars and entrepreneurs have been invited to Changchun to share the advanced thinking of the Animation & Game industry from a global perspective, sort out the trends of the industry and explore the path of internationalization. At the same time, the Film School of JAI was officially established this afternoon with its opening ceremony to be held during the forum.

The annual output of domestic TV cartoons dropped from more than 200,000 minutes to just over 80,000 minutes last year. Why does the prosperity of Chinese animation gradually fade? How to deal with it? On the morning of the 5th, at the forum, masters in the fields of animation, comics & games gathered to raise questions, find their roots, and share experience, centered on the theme of “Exploring Internationalization of China’s Comics & Animation in a New Era”, seeking common exchanges and cooperation between the cultural and creative industries and the international community to help the industry get through the difficult period.

What is missing in Chinese animation?

Jiang Ping, general manager of China Film Group Corporation centers on the theme of “details”, and shared with present teachers and students how the “The Wan Brothers” drew the animation “The Monkey King” based on “the Journey to the West” and painted the famous animated work “Da Tian Temple”. However, he pointed out: “Chinese animation lacks creative senior talents with an uneven quality of the companies. It is hard for the industry to makes profits under the existing commercial circumstances. The original animation companies find it hard to survive as their works are not competitive enough to enter the international market.” Jiang Ping bluntly said that, breaking this situation requires professionalization and refinement of animation production, rational capital infiltration, industry reshuffle integration, creation of national brands as well as promoting original and fine products.

On the 5th, at the “2018 China·Jilin International Animation & Game Forum”, Jiang Ping, general manager of China Film Group Corporation made a report.

Jin Delong, honorary president of China Animation Society and doctoral supervisor of Communication University of China pointed out the output value of China’s animation industry – more than 150 billion yuan – which is less than half of that of American Disney, thus concluding that “China’s animation industry is still in the infant stage of development”. He believes: “New media animation represented by web animation and mobile animation has become the most important growth point of animation industry.”

Animation Industry to be Revitalized

Luke Tutoni, executive producer of the 80th Oscar-winning animated short film “Peter & the Wolf”, is optimistic about Chinese animation: “It is estimated that by 2021, the output value of Chinese animation will have reached 230 billion yuan. For everyone present, it means more job opportunities. Therefore, one problem that cannot be ignored is that everyone here must improve their creativity and become the industry leader. Only in this way can we spread Chinese movies and culture overseas.”

Luke believes that talents of Chinese anime must first understand what they are producing. “Only when we fully understand the connotation of our works can we retain characteristics of our own and develop excellent original products. Only in this way can Chinese animation go abroad.”

An Ideal Time for Changchun to develop

“China·Jilin International Animation Game Forum” has been successfully held as a brand forum event of Jilin Animation Academy since 2002. Up to now, more than 1,000 well-known experts from home and abroad have come to exchange ideas, with more than 500 lectures on animation, games, film & TV industry being held. In the view of Yu Peixia, president of Chinese Animation Society, it is a right time for this forum to be included into the main events of the 14th Changchun Film Festival·China. ” Chang Chun is the hometown of Chinese films, where the Chang Chun Film Production Company is renowned at home and abroad and the recently-rising JAI has cultivated a large number of talents of animation industry and produced 3D animated film “The Frog Kingdom”. He believes that in the new era, Chinese animation industry should introduce and create brands at the same time, participate in overseas festivals and competitions, exchange ideas and cooperate with the international community, thus building an international exchange and cooperation platform. “The main purpose of this forum is to build a Platform, which improves the international thinking and innovation ability of domestic animation film production.”

This forum lasts for two days, when founding ceremony of the Professional Committee of Animation Roaming of China Cultural Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector and the Roundtable of Exploring the Internationalization of Roaming of Chinese Animation & Comics will be held.


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