Disney’s 2018 Global Box Office Reached the Second Highest in History, Exceeding the Total Last Year

Stepping into September, Disney’s global box office this year has reached the second highest in its history.



As of last Sunday, the global box office of Disney productions in 2018 totaled $6,468 million, exceeding the whole box office of 2017. The current data is the second-highest yearly box office in Disney history and the third-highest yearly box office of a single movie company in Hollywood history. The top two are Disney in 2016 (7.6 billion at the box office) and Universal (6.89 billion) in 2015. At present, it seems that this year Disney may not catch up with the first, yet is expected to exceed the second.

This year Disney’s global box office contributors include Avengers 3 ($2,047 million worldwide), Panthers (1,347 million), and The Incredibles 2 (1,183 million).




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